We tend to look for support from others. We need to feel accepted, comforted, to have someone tell us that everything will be okay and that we don’t need to worry about anything. It is important to hear that someone believes in us, in a good outcome of a situation, that we have given our best. We often turn to those that know us well, so that they can remind us of our talents and virtues. When we feel a lack of encouragement and compassion towards ourselves we try to find pieces of ourselves in confirmations of others.

Affirmations that others shower us with are effective, but they are short lived and just not enough. Because something is missing deep within us. And that is the foundation of love and self-respect. That is why comfort from somebody else, no matter how much that person means to us, will never be able to fill in the void that is essentially a part of us.

Everything we ask others to unconditionally give us must first come from ourselves. The connection we create with ourselves is the most important one we will build and the one that will last until the last breath. That’s why it matters the most.

When you love yourself, you love others and others love you.

When you respect yourself, your respect the whole world because you are a part of it.

When you can lift yourself up after you fall, you can do anything.

Whenever you do something that truly matters and that is good for you, you have done it for others as well.

You are aware that we respect those that value themselves, whereas we rarely notice or pay attention to those that lack confidence. That is why we have marked out for you the most important affirmations that you should repeat every day so that you can feel the results: in the morning, evening, in the car, while you are making plans, while you are cycling, while you are walking, exercising, relaxing, playing with your children, holding hands with the person you love. Whatever negative opinion you have of yourself, there is nothing that you can’t change today. You are the force that is a part of this magnificent world. How can you deny yourself the chance to shine in all your glory?

I love and accept myself.

I can do anything I imagine.

I can do that (specific task).

I am successful. Success belongs to me. Every day I am more successful.

I live my dreams.

Everything that is happening now is happening for a reason and for my good as well as the good of others.

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