We don’t need New Year’s resolutions to give ourselves tasks that we want to complete. We create those on a daily, weekly or monthly level, change them and adjust them to circumstances. In the end, we are not sure if we have carried out a certain decision, even partially. The decisions we make are usually set as goals that we tell ourselves we “must” fulfill. We perceive them as strict and unchangeable, yet we still use all our resources to soften them in any way, avoid them, until we completely give them up.

That’s why it’s time to take a step back and ask ourselves a few questions for which we have answers that will help us see the bigger picture.

  1. What do you really want in your life and career?


Very often we get stuck in the place we’re at and we don’t allow ourselves out of that frame. When you ask yourself a question that is this significant and big, let your mind wonder until it comes to the bottom of the issue. Allow yourself to create the life that you dream of. Where do you really see yourself? Where do you want to put yourself? What do you think belongs to you? Don’t just fantasize, allow yourself to think it can really be possible.


  1. What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?


A real decision is very often related to selecting the right people we want to surround ourselves with. Sort out the people that you can’t wait to be with from those that you find seeing an obligation. Surround yourself with those that can support you, that love and share your sense of humour, that will be happy to discover new things with you. If you don’t have such people around you then your decision would go towards finding them. And that’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. New people mean new stories, new discoveries, not flow of juices in your life, which equates to a fun growth and development for you.


  1. How can you help yourself get to where you want to be?


When the bigger picture becomes clearer, when you know deep inside what you want, arm yourself with patience because you will need time to get there. Maybe you will start a new course, go back to school, flip pages and pages that will take you to the exact details of the plan of what you want. Try to be easy on yourself, don’t judge your steps or when you trip up. You have set your way, be your own ally. There are various affirmations that you can motivate yourself with. When you have set out your main journey, you will realize that you can expect quite a few smaller changes along that journey. One by one they will come as tasks that you need to fulfill. Only with small steps can we get to what we really want. Mild, patient, strong and thourough.

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