When we organize ourselves well, half of the job is already done. A good plan is all that’s needed in order to start conquering our obligations. Doing several things at once is not always possible, especially if the nature of your work is sensitive, but a right schedule of obligations, i.e. time is enough to get your day off to a good start. We have listed some advice for you that can be helpful on a daily basis.


  1. Every good plan starts with a list of priorities.


  1. Establish your goals and after that determine the frame of time you need in order to complete each task.


  1. Everything that requires your full attention automatically requires more time, so it’s better to first complete routine and small tasks as it enables you to warm up for the bigger ones.


  1. Keep your focus while working but have at least a five minutes break before moving on to the next task.


  1. A break is important as it enables us to move on to a new level.


  1. Write down your commitments because in that way you can have an overview of everything that awaits you, but you can also get the pleasure from crossing of the tasks you have completed from the list.


  1. Your plan needs to be simplified without extras that will take away your time and concentration from what really matters, it should go from easiest to the hardest and you should pair things if you can – a task which represents physical work but enables you to focus mentally as well.


  1. Remove all interruptions even though we live and work in a time of noise and chaos. Don’t be afraid to create your own peace and let others know that it’s important you are not disturbed. The quality of your work depends on it.


  1. Reward yourself after you have completed your list. You deserve it. May it be a small pleasure but one that will strengthen your feeling of fulfillment. Not only of the list, but of yourself as well.

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