1. Confidence is a choice


When you think you are not worth anything, remember, you are the one that is choosing that thought in that moment. Everything is a matter of personal choice. You don’t only pick a dish on a menu, but how you will treat yourself and the world around you. Everything lies within us. Both confidence and lack of it. The final decision is up to us.


  1. Change the way you speak and your body language

People that look confident don’t walk hunched through life. They don’t look at the tips of their shoes, they don’t speak quietly and fast. Avoid negative words. Think about what you are saying, a lot of people don’t do that, you will understand that what you think comes out of you and becomes a part of your beliefs and so on. When you take care that your thoughts aren’t negative, you will feel the strength of positive thoughts. Be somebody that is a joy to listen to. Practice how you stand and how you talk in front of a mirror. The back is straight, show your attitude and how you look. Speak loud enough, don’t hide. You need to look people in the eye. Talk to them slowly because in that way they will listen to you more carefully. If you need to, practice how you talk but never be afraid of the person you are talking to. You have no reason to be, we all have our insecurities. But you are resolving yours.


  1. Stay away from negative people

There are different types of people. And not everyone is for everyone. That is why you should always listen to yourself. Your intuition will know the best when it comes to the people you enjoy spending time with. When you feel discomfort, you don’t need to be in the presence of such people that make you feel bad, exhausted or insecure. Even temporary breaks will be useful for you to refresh. This principle even applies to family members. When you are, for different reasons, directed at people whose character, energy or temper you cannot change, it’s up to you to give a positive attitude. Change the focus. Instead of focusing on the negative, turn to the positive aspects of other’s personalities but challenges as well.


  1. Be your own person

Practice accepting everything you’ve got with the intention of being even better. Make a list in which you will write down everything you like about yourself and every day be grateful for five things out of that list. In time, the list will become longer. When you love yourself, you will not allow internal voices to criticize you needlessly.


  1. Find sources of confidence

What are you good at? Nurture activities and talents that make you feel happy and strong. Believe in your abilities, motivate yourself to us them frequently.


  1. Always be aware of your victories

We are often overwhelmed with everything we haven’t done. For a change – think of what you have achieved. There is a large amount of your victories, a wide range of changes that made you develop and become the person you are today. If you liked that person, then make her even better, be grateful to her that she brought you to where you are today. If you are unhappy, remember, it’s never too late to become a better version of yourself.

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