How to overcome the fear of failure

1. An identity card of fear

Where does it come from? Origin? Date of birth? Place of birth?

Calm down for a moment and try to remember where fear comes from. Maybe your fear was imposed in your childhood by those who were closest to you. Someone who was too strict or too protective. When you isolate such a situation and stop viewing it as a participant, you will see that, at the end of the day, it has little to do with you and everything to do with the beliefs of others, who at the time acted as best as they could for you.

Their beliefs are not yours. Belief is variable. It can be held for a while and when it wears out, it can be replaced by a healthier attitude.

2. Even the smallest step is a step forward

When you break your goal into many small parts, it will be easier for you to reach it. It may be slower, but there will be no braking. On this path, you will develop yourself and you will have enough time to conquer fear. Every little step is better than standing still.

3. Failure is guaranteed

One must reconcile with this because it is good for us as we all want to live a life worthy of meaning. But in order to live our dreams, we must accept failure as part of growth. Failures redefine, strengthen, change our perspective, and gives us better and clearer instructions on how to achieve success. Failure is not a cause for concern. Not trying is. Errors, tripping, new learning, all of these are parts of our falls. So make the most out of them.

4. Nothing lasts forever

Even the happiness you may feel right now will not be eternal. Just like the suffering you feel, it will not last forever. The feeling is that both will last forever, but the beauty of life is in the opposite – in the mix, which helps us appreciate those moments that we proclaim good, although both are more than useful.

Since we ourselves are unable to see a wider picture of everything that happens to us, we cannot know if failure is good or bad for us. But one thing is certain: failures mould us to be a better version of ourselves, while successes can sometimes deceive us.


5. Experiencing and feeling failure is not the same

Thoughts that we are unsuccessful – these are ultimately just a set of thoughts that we can replace with others. The feeling of failure is one that brings us into a helpless situation. It is born when we believe the thoughts we have. So – change your thoughts if you want a different life.

6. Ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen?

Not trying.

None of us are perfect. And this is another option that does not let you move. What we as a society called a failure is nothing but a lesson that leads us to success. Variations of this fear depend on personality, but it is common for us to look at fear alone, eliminate its significance, find its root, realise that we are not guilty of having encountered it in our system and that, as it came, it can also leave.

It is not a failure to fall, but not to rise again.

We are not afraid of the event itself but of what we have created in our minds concerning that event. Fear is the bridge across which we jog until we reach the other side.

7. The solution is up to you

We live in a time when solutions are available with a single click.

So find the technique that inspires you enough to get rid of your type of fear of failure. When you find a solution that is in harmony with your nature, the elimination of fear is easier and faster. Do what you enjoy and what fits your sensibility.

Put yourself in a picture in which there is no fear. Describe how it looks.

What does it look like to follow your passion? What does it look like to live the way you dreamed? Is there room for fear?

No, there’s only room for you.

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