In our everyday communication we come across different types of people that we need to impress but that also impress us. However, there are a number of those that represent themselves falsely or use lies to get to their goals. The earlier we spot them, the easier will we know how to act in a given situation.

What you need to pay attention to when you doubt the truthfulness of somebody’s words.

  1. Their voice will give away a lot


Experts say that the person that is lying to us can look us in the eye, but it’s the voice that will give them away. Pay attention to whether their tone of voice has changed, if it is shaking, stuttering, is the person coughing often, are they breathing fast, do you feel a chaotic line of thought that are trying to overtake one another in order to convince you into something. In their speech they will avoid talking in their name in order to distance themselves from the story, but also words like ‘but’, ‘neither’ and ‘except’ because a lie requires effort, so the sentences are generally short and simple.


  1. Synchronization of body, face and speech


When you tell the truth, everything we do is in harmony our speech, our body, our voice, our smile. The person that’s lying will try to move their body as little as possible so as to avoid showing the lack of harmony between what they are saying and the body that is the opposite of that. A closed body position with arms crossed or behind the back lets us know that the person we are faced with is defending themselves, in case they are “discovered”.


Liars are also given away through micro movements on their face, so you should also pay attention to that. Even though this is a bit harder, what can definitely give them away is redness in the cheeks, frequent winking, spreading nostrils and fast breathing as creating an illusion requires a lot of energy.


  1. A fake or a real smile


A sincere smile includes the movement of the entire face, so that the eyes are activated as well. A wide grin tells us that the person is hiding something and pay attention whether they are smiling often, whether the smile is fake or turns quickly into a serious face.


Not everyone has the same approach to lying, that is why it’s important to carefully watch someone from the moment we feel that they are showing signs of lying. As neutral questions so that you can have a clearer picture and the chance to microscopically analyze the behavior of a certain person that you suspect is lying to you.

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