When we feel the right answer within us and we don’t know where it’s coming from, and we are aware it’s not from the rational mind, we say that we are getting that message thanks to our intuition. The answer that we are getting is most often from our unconscious but it is unmistakably correct, even though we often consciously silence it. If we ever find ourselves in a serious dilemma, at a crossroad or a turning point of our life decisions, the voice of the intuition can be very helpful.

Here are some suggestions how you can develop it and use it when you need it.

  1. Meditating your way to the answer


Meditation helps us find peace, and in peace with silence and patience, answers find an easier way to get to us. Ask yourself that question before you get into a meditative state. Quieten down and the answer will come on its own.


  1. Listen to the message of your dreams


The cognitive part of our mind is always employing our thoughts. During sleep, it rests so that our subconsciousness gets space to send us signals through our dreams. Create your dream diary and follow to see whether there are repetitive symbols or scenes. Try to remember everything in detail. Very often the answer will come on its own.


  1. The body knows


Here it’s important to know how to tell the difference between stress that your mind can create and the signs of your body that help you feel danger. When you need to make an important decision pay attention to how your body is behaving, do you feel heavy, light, are you sick, do you have a headache… Is there a certain part of your body that is aching… which one?



  1. Avoid a routine a spend time in nature


A routine and comfort zone can suffocate us sometimes. That is why you should do something little every day that will put you in a different zone. Change your route to work. Slow down or spend your day in an environment that you dream of when you’re at work. When you have too much to do you are not allowing you inner voice to get to you. That’s why walks and spending time in nature are an ideal way to return to yourself.


  1. Feeling before an explanation


Our mind can fool us with analyses, convictions and beliefs but the intuition is related to feelings. If you feel something is wrong, the feeling is strong within you, your intuition is warning you even though your mind is adjusting to the situation. By listening to the intuition - our inner, intelligent self, we will help ourselves hear the right answers in the right time and make the decisions that will lead us to long term happiness.

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