Why is it so easy to fall in love with the coconut?

The coconut has managed to maintain an exotic veil although we use it frequently, if not in our diet, then in body care. Since it is rich in nutrients, we enjoy all its advantages, from its fragrance, via its special taste enriching our dishes, to the energy it fills us with.

These are just a few of its benefits:

  • The coconut serves as excellent support to the immune system.
  • It is a natural source of energy and increases physical fitness.
  • It improves digestion and absorption of minerals and vitamins.
  • It reduces the risk of heart problems and positively affects good cholesterol (HDL).
  • It helps the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • It protects the kidneys and urinary canals.
  • It helps in hair and skin care, protecting the skin from freckles, aging signs and aiding sun protection.


The beauty of the coconut lies in the fact that it may be consumed both in the stages when it is young, and when mature. It is only the matter of the moment when we need something from it. Rich in iron, phosphorus and zinc and with 354 calories per 100g, its raw flesh contains a high percentage of fats, as many as 33g, out of which 89% are saturated (of total fats), and 24g carbohydrates. Every part of the coconut can be used and each of them is useful in its own way for our good feelings.

Coconut water

The coconut contains the most water when young. This water is the source of electrolytes responsible for hydrating our body so that it can function properly. It contains an exceptionally low amount of calories and sugar and almost no fats. It also has proteins and vitamin B, while in 100g water there are only 19 calories, which makes it an ideal refreshment.

Coconut milk

It is made in the mature fruit stage. It is used in cooking and preparation of various dishes and its rich and full flavour is rounded with a nuance of unusual and exotic. It contains 24% fats, out of which 89% are saturated. When it is kept in the fridge for a long time, coconut cream appears on top of the milk, while milk dehydration produces a high-quality protein powder.

Coconut oil

Throughout history coconut oil has been used mainly as a medicine. Coconut oil contains a high amount of saturated fats but hydrogenised oil should be differed from cold-pressed virgin oil. Pure coconut oil is obtained from mature coconuts containing firm flesh which is separated and then cold-pressed at a temperature of about 40 degrees and in that way it is better for consumption. Coconut oil is also applied in skin and hair care. It may be used in cooking and boiling at high temperatures and in the preparation of raw food in vegan cuisine.

Coconut flour and coconut sugar

This is actually dehydrated coconut flesh rich in fibre and containing an extremely low amount of carbohydrates. Coconut sugar is a derivative of coconut juice which is extracted at the time when the coconut begins to flower. This sugar reminds of the brown sugar with its flavour, with a pronounced caramel nuance, and it also contains vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. You can use it just like ordinary white sugar while it is also suitable for people suffering from diabetes due to its low glycaemic index.

Now you can taste the full and rich coconut flavour in the new limited series of Wellness Coconut we have prepared for you this summer. Take it with you everywhere, to work, on a trip, to the seaside… Let the exotic be wherever your good feeling is.

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