When we talk about becoming happy, we often speak about how experiences are far more important than purchases or shopping. The goal of shopping is short term satisfaction. The effects of this fade out pretty quickly. It’s true that small things matter and that we need to indulge ourselves from time to time, even if it is short lived. Still, those needs are insufficient when it comes to fulfilling ourselves in the long run. Experiences, on the other hand, stay with us forever.

Investing in experiences, whether going to dinner or a trip, a field trip out of town or to another continent, is better than investing in material things because:

Experiences are lessons with which we grow

We will never learn in school or in books what really awaits us when we are faced with any kind of experience that marks us. When we want to experience something, when we plan it and when that journey starts, we are faced with new circumstances, decisions and thoughts. Our attitudes can change, new windows can be opened, we will learn so many new things about ourselves. Maturing is a part of every new experience, especially if it’s completely different to what you know.

Experiences mean going out of you comfort zone

The invitation to experience something new is an invitation to change. And everything is precious – whether it’s going to a photo workshop, volunteering in a charity action, planning a cycling trip to another town or a cruise. When we go out of our routine we are ready to feel something completely new, and it often happens so that life rewards us with rich content that we will never forget.

Experiences are always unique

Each and every one of us is a small book full of different stories. Different affinities, priorities, we are filled with experiences we have chosen, that have made us the people we are today. We love to listen to each other and take in the worlds we have discovered. We love to compete in storytelling, how we, as heroes of our own stories, overcame obstacles or how other mesmerized us and left us speechless, whether we are talking about mountaineering or a concert.

Experiences stay with us forever

Life is a collection of memories. We are the ones that choose what we want to take with us, what memories we want to go back to. All together, they made us change or become tougher. Unlike material goods, impressions remain with us longer, we adapt to them slower and that is why they stay with us longer.

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