One of the topics on which there are very divided opinions is – do male-female friendships really exist? Whenever people start talking about this topic, the comments, experiences and thoughts can be really diverse. In this text, we will try to understand why these opinions are so different.

For those who do not believe in these friendships, the main argument is that male-female friendship is just a path to love and that every friendship ends with a love affair. However, for others who consider these to be prejudices, friendships with the opposite sex are the same as with everyone else – a relationship that you work on and nurture.

However, as nothing in life is black or white and there are factors that should always be included in the consideration of any situation, one of the main ones in this case are – partners. More precisely, when they are sceptical about their partner's friendships. According to some research, it is generally stated that men are more sceptical. In most cases, a man cannot accept the fact that his partner has a male friend, because they generally do not believe in male-female friendships.

On the other hand, it is fairly normal for women because they feel safe when they have a best friend. This means that they will have support at all times, and at the same time that they will be protected.

In any case, science says that the opinion on this topic mostly depends on our gender, while the general conclusion is that everything really depends on individual experience. With this in mind, it is up to you to decide if this type of friendship works for you and if you can "make it work" when you consider all the circumstances.